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Hafod Las during lockdown.

It’s the hot topic of the moment……what did you do during lockdown?

In many respects life here at Hafod Las didn’t change much during lockdown. Mother Nature wasn’t aware that there was a global pandemic and the Curlews had arrived by mid-March. By early April (and bang on schedule!) the Swallows arrived and we were hearing Cuckoos regularly from mid-April.

Lambing went well and we ended up with 11 healthy, bouncing lambs. 3 females (ewes) and 8 males (tups). Very few needed any assistance from us but they ranged in weight from a very tiny 1kg to over 4kg.

Our glamping accommodation opens on the first weekend in March, we managed to welcome 2 sets of guests before shutting due to lock down and it is only now, almost 4 months later that we are preparing to reopen again. The outside of the Hut got a fresh coat of paint and I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve cut the grass!

March also marks the start of the lettuce season. Since we started Mountain Produce in 2013 the majority of our customers have been pubs, restaurants and cafes. With lockdown we lost the majority of our business…..what were we going to do with several thousand lettuce plants?!

Some of our regular customers set up takeaway and delivery businesses, we also started supplying local farm shop Swans and local greengrocer Dee Valley Produce as well as supplying the local residents of Minera from a collection point at the end of the drive. The support we have received has been beyond amazing – thank you to everyone who has purchased our produce over the past few months!

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