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We (Chris and Helen) moved to Hafod Las in 2011 and started to manage the land to benefit wildlife and promote biodiversity. There have been so many changes to the farm and house during that time with many hours spent fencing, rebuilding walls, doing field work and renovating the buildings and it is very much an ongoing project!

Heating for the house is provided by a biomass boiler and our solar panels provide most of the electricity we use on sunny days.

We keep chickens, sheep, pigs and cows on the farm most of which are rare breeds. Some of the animals have specific jobs to do to help us manage the land.

We began growing lettuce and salad crops in 2013. We grow hydroponically in polytunnels for a number of reasons including more efficient water usage. Read more about our produce here


Our glamping adventure started in 2014 when the Shepherds Hut arrived. The Hut has provided relaxing getaways to hundreds of guests. with many coming back time and time again. Read more about our glamping accommodation here.

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